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            Chinese Leaders Visit iRay

            Recently, iRay was honered by distingusihed guests. Han Zheng, Vice Premier of China; Li Qiang, Party Secretary of Shanghai; Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai; and several other government officials visited iRay’s headquarter in Shanghai.

            Dr. Tieer Gu, CEO of iRay, demomstrated iRay’s extensive product portfolio and gave a tour of the R&D center.  In addition, two young scientist at the center had the oppportunity to meet with the guests. They introduced iRay’s newly developed flexible flat panel X-ray detector, and demonstrated the latest image processing algorithms intended for medical imaging applications.

            This visit was highly inspirational to all the young engineers at iRay, and emphasises the importance of creating innovative products with state-of-the art technology.  It also brings to mind a quote from President Xi Jinping: "We cannot wait, hesitate or slack off … we must enhance awareness of unexpected challenges, and grab the opportunities of the science and technology revolution." This is indeed the spirit of innovation at iRay.