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            Satu 6404A3
            mono/dual energy linear array detector system
            Satu 6404A3 is a linear array detector system for X-ray imaging, with a pixel size of 1.575mm. The system consists of detection boards and acquisition boards, each of which integrates simultaneously. By connecting multiple detection boards end-to-end, a certain length of detector linear array can be formed to meet the security requirements of different channel sizes. The Satu 6404A3 acquisition board has two channels (each channel can connect up to 20 detection boards). The collected data is in 16-bit output format and can be transmitted to the IPC through the Ethernet interface on the digital signal acquisition board. The product is mainly used in luggage and package scanning, personnel scanning, portable scanning, etc. It can be used for safety inspection of small items in civil airports, railway stations, bus stations, urban rail transit, customs and ports, government public security organs, postal inspection centers, conference venues, and other places.
              • Self-developed ASIC chip, 16-bit data acquisition and output accuracy
              • High compliance, low temperature drift, high linearity, and low noise
              • High dynamic range, up to 30000:1
              • The gain range is 0.05pF-12.75pF (0.14pC-35.7pC), and the high and low energy of each detection board are independently adjustable
              • The range width of ROIC is 0.14pC-35.7pC, which can be customized according to requirements
              • Self-developed and self-made scintillator, CsI and GOS, which can be used for different configurations of mono and dual energy
              • Highly-reliable micro BGA packaging, resistant to moisture and temperature changes
              • Digital signal transmission
              • X-ray energy range: 40KeV~200KeV
              • Readable status, configurable parameters, with self checking function
              • Support for Windows and Linux systems
            Technical Specifications