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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Mercu 1616VE
          16×16-inch Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          Mercu 1616VE is a radiation hard FPD for real-time kv imaging. An a-Si sensor with direct deposition CsI and 16 bit ADC provides high dynamic range and excellent CNR making it ideal for integration with radiotherapy or radiosurgery systems for IGRT applications.
            • Proven radiation-hard a-Si sensor design
            • 41cm × 41cm imaging area
            • 200 μm pixel pitch, 16-bit ADC for high dynamic range
            • Switchable gain settings for variable sensitivity
            • Fast read-out up to 30 fps in 4 × 4 mode
            • Gigabit Ethernet interface
            • 40KeV - 150KeV radiation energy range
            • Programmable ROI and frame speed
          Technical Specifications