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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          NDT 1717M
          17×17-inch NDT Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          NDT 1717M is a 17-inch radiation hard a-Si FPD for real-time imaging. The detector supports frame rates up to 18 fps, and the 16 bit ADC provides high dynamic range and excellent contrast-to-noise ratio. Data communication is accomplished by optical interface, and the iRay software SDK provides support for detector calibration, configuration, image acquisition, pre-processing and viewing on a workstation running the MS Windows operating system. The NDT 1717M is suitable for industrial NDT applications such as in casting inspections and SMD counting.
            • Proven radiation hard a-Si TFT sensor technology
            • 43 × 43 cm² imaging area
            • Dynamic imaging in full resolution at 6 fps, 2 × 2 at 12 fps and 3 × 3 at 18 fps
            • Optical fiber interface without image loss
            • Energy range from 40 kV ~ 160 / 450 kV
            • High spatial resolution with 139 μm pixel pitch
            • Fast speed, high throughput
            • Easy software and system integration
          Technical Specifications