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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Pluto 0600X
          CMOS Dynamic Scanning Detector for Cephalometric Systems
          Pluto0600X is state-of-the-art, solid-stateCMOS scanningdetector.The detector enables frame rates up to 300 fps and supports digital TDI. Withits outstandingimagequality andreliability, the Pluto0600X is ideal forpanoramicimaging.
            • CMOS detector technology
            • 100 μm pixel pitch with CsI scintillator
            • 15 cm linear detector
            • Frame rates up to 300 fps in full resolution
            • Narrow shoulder edge distance of 8 mm
            • Negligible image lag
            • Switchable gain settings for variable sensitivity
            • Digital TDI mode
            • Gigabit Ethernet interface
          Technical Specifications