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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          NDT 0505J
          5×5-inch Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          NDT 0505J is new generation, high-performance FPD developed with innovative a-Si sensor technology for real-time imaging. The 5×5-inch low noise image sensor has an 85 μm pixel pitch. It is coupled with 16 bit read-out electronics and provides excellent imaging at frame rates up to 40 fps. The NDT 0505J is suitable for industrial NDT applications such as welding and casting inspection.
            • Innovative a-Si TFT sensor provides low noise, high CNR with an extended dynamic range
            • 13×13 cm² imaging area
            • High resolution 85 μm pixel pitch with 16-bit ADC
            • Gigabit Ethernet interface, without image loss
            • High throughput
          Technical Specifications