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            Satu 12804/Satu 12808
            mono/dual energy high-speed high-definition linear array detector system
            Satu12804/Satu12808 is a high-speed linear array detector system used for high-definition X-ray imaging. The pixel size of Satu12804 is 0.4mm, and that of Satu12808 is 0.8mm. The system includes detection boards and acquisition boards. Each detection board is integrated simultaneously, and by connecting multiple detection boards end-to-end, a certain length of detector linear array can be formed to meet the security requirements of different channel sizes. The Satu12804/Satu12808 acquisition board is divided into two channels (each channel can connect up to 20 detection boards) and eight channels (each channel can connect up to 16 detection boards). The collected data is in 16-bit output format and can be transmitted to the IPC through the Ethernet interface on the digital signal acquisition board. Satu12804/Satu12808 are mainly used in luggage and package scanning, personnel scanning, portable scanning, etc. They are suitable for the security inspection of foreign objects in food, mineral processing, daily necessities, tire detection, pharmaceuticals, raw material classification, thickness measurement, etc.
              • Flexible mono and dual energy (under development) solutions
              • Adopting independent low noise FrontSide Illumination (FSI) photodiodes
              • ASIC sensitivity adjustment range: 0.5 pF to 12.75pF (0.14pC to 35.7pC), with multiple choices for the gain range
              • The scintillator material is optional, and the thickness specifications can be customized to ensure a high light output and a scintillator matrix with low persistence of vision
              • Gain range independently adjustable
              • Centralized and remote firmware upgrade can be achieved through the collection board
              • During the initialization process, the self-detection function can ensure system stability
              • Realizing transmission of high volume of data and connecting to PC through a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port
              • The collection board has interfaces for two or eight channels, which can achieve large load cascading. Larger settings can be achieved through parallel collection boards
              • Settable external RS-485 encoder interface (external trigger)
              • Detector subsystem, 24V DC single power supply for the machine
              • Compliance with ROHS standards and EMC directives
              • Providing high-quality imaging without artifacts during fast scanning
              • High radiation resistance design to prolong product lifecycle
              • L-shape arrangement, tile layout, vertically dual energy, and planarized dual energy; Support for multiple application scenarios
            Technical Specifications