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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Mercu 1717V3
          17×17-inch Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          Mercu 1717V3 is an a-Si FPD with cassette size design for real-time imaging. The 17×17-inch image sensor has direct deposition Csl, which provides excellent low-dose imaging at frame rates up to 30 fps which provides an excellent resolution for high-end DRF products.
            • Cassette size design
            • Extremely low clinical dose at high DQE
            • Less than 2.5% first frame lag
            • Switchable gain settings for variable
            • ROI optional
            • High frame rate capable at 5 fps in full resolution,20fps in 2×2, and 30 fps in 3×3
          Technical Specifications