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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Mercu 1717DE
          17×17-inch Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          Mercu 1717DE is one unique high-resolution digital dynamic flat panel detector for the dual-energy CBCT. Utilizing high speed, anti-EMC interference optical fiber communication interface. Adapted to electron linear accelerator.
            • Proven radiation-hard a-Si sensor design
            • 43cmx43cm effffective imaging area
            • High spatial resolution, 100μm pixel size
            • Strong contrast and hierarchy, 65535 grey levels
            • Low energy imaging 60-80kV
            • High energy imaging 100-120kV
            • 40KeV - 15MeV radiation energy range
            • Programmable ROI and frame speed
          Technical Specifications