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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          NDT 1616HE2
          16×16-inch NDT Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
          NDT 1616HE2 is a radiation hard a-Si FPD for real-time imaging. The detector supports frame rates up to 30 fps, and the 16 bit ADC provides high dynamic range and excellent con-trast-to-noise ratio. Data communication is accomplished by optical fiber. With a wide energy range up to 15 MV it is suitable for high energy X-ray source as well as Linac integration. With its outstanding image quality, fast frame rates, and high reliability the NDT 1616HE2 is suitable for industrial NDT requirements such as high energy inspection or CBCT.
            • Proven radiation hard a-Si TFT sensor technology
            • 41 × 41 cm² imaging area
            • 200 µm pixel pitch
            • 16-bit ADC for high dynamic range
            • Optical fiber interface without image loss
            • Fast speed, high throughput
            • Easy software and system integration
            • Multiple programmable gain levels
            • Programmable ROI
          Technical Specifications