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            Satu 6416S
            mono energy megavolt level linear array detector system
            The Satu6416S system is a multi-channel data acquisition system for mono energy forms under high-energy level radiation. The system includes detection and digital boards. Under 2.3mm pitch, each detection board has 64 detector channels (with binning, when pitch=4.6mm, the effective number of channels per detection board is 32). The physical size of the detector pixel spacing is 2.3mm, and the pixel size can be changed to 4.6mm through the binning mode. Satu6416S system is a mono energy linear array detector, which uses linear accelerator or cyclotron as radiation source to conduct high-energy X-ray imaging. The scintillator type is CWO. Each detection board contains a single crystal silicon photodiode array with an X-ray energy level, and each photodiode unit is covered by scintillator crystals. The Satu6416S system can also be used for continuous radiation sources, such as the 450kV ray tubes. The Satu6416S acquisition board has four channels (each channel can connect up to 20 detection boards, and each digital signal processing board can connect up to 80 detection boards). The collected data is in 16-bit output format and can be transmitted to the IPC through the Ethernet interface on the digital signal acquisition board. The Satu6416S-2.3C product is mainly for complete system manufacturers in the goods and vehicle security inspection market. The channel-type X-ray security inspection equipments made by it is mainly used in X-ray energy levels above 450KeV. The product can be widely used in the security inspection of goods, containers, vehicles, trains, industrial high-energy non-destructive testing, industrial CT, safety inspection, multi-view imaging, etc.
              • High compliance, low temperature drift, high linearity, low noise, radiation avoidance
              • Minimum integration time (320 μs) , adjustable integration time with the upper limit of 60ms. Fast scanning speed and support for high throughput.
              • Pixel sizes range from 2.3mm to 4.6mm, and imaging system sensitivity can be optimized based on standard pixel sizes
              • 16-bit data acquisition output accuracy
              • High dynamic range, from 12bit to 16bit
              • Support for subsampling and averaging method
              • ROIC feedback capacitance range: 3pF to 87.5pF (feedback charging from 12.5 pc to 350pC), with 8 adjustable options
              • Gain level of the detection board can be set separately
              • Digital board, the maximum number of detection boards of each port can be set
              • Gigabit Ethernet data interface
              • X-ray energy range: 450KeV - 15Mev
              • Readable status, configurable parameters, with self checking function
              • Support for Windows and Linux systems
              • Customizable number of cascades
              • Support for both linear accelerator and electron cyclotron
              • Firmware can be upgraded online through GigE.
            Technical Specifications