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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Pyxis 50RT
          High power CBCT HV generator
          Pyxis 50RT is specifically designed for high power IGRT CBCT applications.Compact 2 chassis packaging suitable for rotating gantry mounting, 50kW output power to meet IGRT CBCT and dual energy application requirements. Serial pulsed exposure and dual energy pulsed exposure capabilities support seamless integration with dynamic detectors for advanced imaging applications. RS232 or CAN communication interface provides simple and flexible protocols for system integration.
            • Suitable for rotating gantry installation, support up to 120 rpm gantry speed.
            • Pulsed exposure sequence for CBCT application,40fps
            • Dual energy exposure mode
            • High power, multi-mode high frequency inverter technology
            • RS232/CAN serial communication interface
            • Configurable tube table and full digital programing starter
          Technical Specifications