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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Pyxis 50CT
          50kW Medical CT Generator
          Pyxis 50CT is specifically designed for medical CT applications. The two-box compact structure is suitable for rotating gantry mounting, with 50kW power and high-power duty cycle characteristics for medical CT scanning requirements. The modular design provides flexible support for X and Z-directional DFS. Easily compatible with various industry bipolar CT tubes. Tube database management and filament intelligent calibration provide excellent solutions to simplify system integration and enhance application functions.
            • Compact design, gantry rotation speed up to 120RPM
            • Oil tank, high heat dissipation rate and high reliability
            • Full digital programming starter
            • Filament auto-calibration
            • Grid and Z-deflection options
            • Available to drive all popular bipolar CT tubes
            • Modular design for flexible configurations and ease of service
            • Multi level ARC detection
            • Tube current modulation
          Technical Specifications