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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Pluto 1212X
          CMOS Dynamics Flat Panel Detector
          Pluto 1212X is a new CMOS detector independently developed by iRay Technology (Shanghai) Limited, and the scintillator is selected from iRay deposition Csl technology. With its 98μm pixel pitch, more image details can be seen in clinical applications. The ultra-fast 50fps real-time dynamic imaging function provides more possibilities for the clinical application of C-arm. Ultra-high SNR, And ultra-low image lag performance, lay a good data foundation for 3D image reconstruction. The large imaging size of 294x313.6mm2 provides a better field of view for doctors.
            • Higher sensitivity
            • Higher signal-to-noise ratio, more detailed image
            • Multi gain, sensitivity adjustment
            • Smaller pixel size
            • Superior EMI resistance
            • Suitable for a variety of C-arm applications
            • Large imaging size of 294mm × 313.6mm
          Technical Specifications