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          Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

          Technical Parameters
          Product Satu 6404S3
          Model 6404S3-1.6 mono energy 6404S3-1.6 dual energy 6404S3-2.5 mono energy 6404S3-2.5 dual energy
          Detector technology


          scintillator CSI/GOS GOS+CSI/GOS CSI/GOS GOS+CSI/GOS
          Pixel pitch 1.575mm 2.5mm
          Energy Range 30~320kV
          AD conversion 16
          Minimum integration time 200us
          Maximum detection speed 3.0m/s 5.5m/s
          Maximum number of connections 40(2link)&120(8link) core
          signal transmission gigabit
          Effective detection width 102mm 160.4mm


          * This document cannot be considered to be a contractual specification.

          The information given herein may be modified without notice.